Frequently Asked Questions


Which camp is right for my child?

If your child has never attended one of our camps before then we suggest they begin with the “World of Minecraft Camp” or the “Advanced Minecraft Engineering Camp” as these are our introductory camps. These camps have a similar curriculum but the pace is accelerated in the Advanced Camp which also introduces modding and redstone lessons. If you child has already attended one of our camps or if they have a specific interest (building in creative mode, game playing, programming, etc…) you might consider enrolling them in one of our content specific camps.   If you still are not sure which camp is best for your child we recommend you either email us or read the course descriptions to your child and let them tell you what sounds most interesting to them.

What is the minimum grade or age for a child to attend Minecraft Camp?

Each of our camp listings indicates a recommended grade range specific to that camp’s curriculum. However, we do make exceptions to these recommendations on a case by case basis so feel free to contact us if you aren’t sure.   Regardless, at every one of our camps students will need to read simple on screen commands and will play Minecraft using a mouse and keyboard. This means that campers who have not yet completed first grade sometimes struggle with the game mechanics and pacing.

Does my child need to bring their own computer/laptop?

No.  All of our Minecraft camps take place in a computer lab with all required software pre-installed.

Can my child bring their own computer/laptop/iPad?

We would rather campers not bring any equipment from home (computers, mice, etc…)   However, please contact us if your child would rather play using their own computer.  

Please Note: iPads and Chromebooks will not work with the version of Minecraft we will be using.

Does my child need to have a Minecraft Mojang account?

No.  Except for our “Minecraft All-Stars Camp”, all our Minecraft camps use a designated educational version of Minecraft that does not require students to have a Mojang account.

What is the “Minecraft All-Stars Camp”?

During the last week of July we conduct a Minecraft Camp for campers who have previously attended one of our camps and who have been identified by our counselors as having outstanding Minecraft gaming skills. This camp is by invitation-only with email invitations going out periodically throughout the summer.  We typically send out 40-50 invites for this first-come, first-serve camp that has a capacity of 24 campers.

What if my child has an IEP or other unique social or emotional needs?

While our counselors have experience working with campers who have unique social or emotional needs, we are not typically able to provide the same level of accommodation that they may receive in the school classroom. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns you may have prior to registering your child for camp as it is a priority for us that every child has a rewarding and fun camp experience.

Who are the camp counselors?

Please check out our “Camp Counselors” page for a brief biography of each of our camp counselors. Many are college students who are experts at Minecraft and who have three or more years of experience working as camp counselors. Additionally, we have several high school age “Assistant Counselors” who help out at each camp.

What is the camper to counselor ratio at each camp?

We typically try to maintain a maximum 8:1 camper to counselor ratio at our camps but will reduce this to 6:1 for some of our introductory camps.

Are there reduced rates for multiple children or for partial attendance?

Generally, No.  The camp rates and payment policy for most of our camps are set by the host school and are not subject to change.

Are there refunds if my child is unable to attend all days of a camp?

Generally, No.  However, please see the payment and refund policy specific to the host school.

Will there be camps offered in my town?

We are constantly seeking ways to bring our unique camps to more schools and communities.  However, we currently only offer summer camps at Zionsville High School, University High School, and Cathedral High School.   Nevertheless, periodically check out our website for new camps and locations.